UC and UCR Policies

Everyone at UCR — students, faculty, and staff — has the right to a safe learning and working environment. Each of us plays a critical role in ensuring the university is a safe place, and should know the rules of being part of the UCR community. 

  1. UCR is committed to fostering a community where everyone works and learns together in a place free of harassment, exploitation and intimidation.
  2. UCR does not tolerate sexual violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking.
  3. Sexual violence violates both UC and UCR policy as well as federal and state laws. UCR will respond promptly to reports of sexual violence and take appropriate action to prevent it and when necessary, take disciplinary action.
  4. Incoming undergraduate and graduate students receive general sexual violence and sexual assault education. Faculty and staff are required to take sexual harassment training every two years. 
UC Policy

UC's policies and codes of conduct spell out the rights and responsibilities of students and employees in ensuring that UC is a safe environment, and how the university addresses reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

UC Systemwide Investigation and Adjudication Model for Students (Interim PACAOS - Appendix E)

Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline

The Faculty Code of Conduct 

President Napolitano's letter to UC Community: New Systemwide Peer Review Committee for cases involving senior university leaders


UC Riverside Policy


If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

If you have experienced sexual violence but are not in immediate danger, learn how to get support and contact a CARE advocate at (951) 827-6225 or the Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (951) 686-7273.

Standards of Conduct


Reports and recommendations

Recommendations for enhancing policies and procedures related to sexual violence and sexual harassment matters for faculty, non-faculty academic personnel and staff


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